Welcome to The Steel Recyclers


We still have a lot of information to put on this page, we request your patience while we get it ready for you. In the mean time, for more information on buying or selling scrap materials, or for a specific quote, please contact at 541-440-3005 or email us at info@thesteelrecyclers.com. We'd be happy to help you personally.

Turn Trash into Cash!


Bring your junk to us and we will give you money!

If you have some recyclable scrap lying in your backyard or garage and don’t know what to do with it then The Steel Recyclers can help.

We buy ferrous (iron based) metals such as appliances, car bodies, pipe, wheels, engine blocks, and just about any other scrap iron as well as non-ferrous (non-iron based) metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, and wire.

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